Dry Iron vs Steam Iron -which is better for home

Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron

Dry Iron vs Steam Iron-Whether it is a date, interview, party or office- everyone wants to look best. Only crisp and sharp clothing can make you look smarter with a good personality. To make your clothes crispy and wrinkle-free, you need a clothing iron. In recent times, there are two types of irons available- steam iron and dry iron.

A few decades ago, people used only dry iron to press their clothes. With the advancement of technology, steam iron has come to give a healthy competition to the traditional one. The heat-up very fast and can remove even the stubborn wrinkles very efficiently.

On the other hand, dry iron is a very safe electrical device and also has a wide range of variety. But you may feel confused to pick the right one between these two options. In this article, I am going to give you the technical glance between these two products to help you to make the right decision.

What is a steam iron?

Steam iron has modern technologies with spray and steam features. They remove the severe wrinkles even from heavy fabrics very efficiently. With many highlighted features, it can remove strong crease very fast. The steam function allows vertical ironing to make your curtains pressed. You can also iron the hard-textured denim pant with a steam iron.

Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron

Uses of steam iron

Most of us do not like the chore task of ironing. But a steam-iron can smoothen your job. It has many highlighted features.

Though you cannot use steam iron in silk clothes as it may get damage. But you can iron most of the standard fabrics to remove severe wrinkles very fast.

So, it is true that steam iron is much superior to dry iron. If you do not put water in this steam iron, you can use it as dry iron also.

What is dry iron?

Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron

This type of iron is the traditional ones. It has heavy-wattage, temperature control and non-stick soleplate to make your clothes-press quickly. However, spray and steam features are absent in this type. You can carry them easily with your backpack luggage. There are available with a variety of models available in the market. You can pick these budget-friendly dry irons as per your requirements.

How steam iron works?

Below are the steps that need to follow to operate a steam iron:

  1. First, you need to fill the water chamber up to the maximum level. Cover the room with the given lid. Place the water chamber as per the given instruction in the user guide.
  2. Plug-in to make the iron heat-up. But it would help if you chose the desired temperature as per your cloth fabric. However, some of the models come with indicator light.
  3. You can turn on the steam option after heating-up. Now it is ready to use. Try to move it in an upward and downward direction. While driving, the iron will start releasing the steam naturally.
  4. Firmly iron your clothes along with the smaller parts, like- collar, cuffs, and sleeves. After finishing the whole task, you will receive damp garments.
  5. You can use the spray mode to remove the severe wrinkles.
  6. Let your clothes hang in the clothes hanger to make the damp clothes air dry.
  7. Unplug the iron and empty the water chamber. Place the iron on its heels to cool down completely. Finally, wrap the cord and keep it in the iron-box.

Advantages of steam iron

It will remove the wrinkles very smoothly and quickly from the fabrics, like- wool. You will get the best result if you only know the perfect temperature along with the amount of steam.

Disadvantages of steam iron

Though steam irons efficiently de-wrinkle your clothes, every product comes with at least some minor flaws. Some fabrics may develop spots from the small holes of the steam iron. So, you can check some unseen parts with it before using.

Moreover, some fabrics do not allow steam ironing. Please check the instructions before pressing them.

The above cases are rare, though. The power of a steam iron is incomparable.

Advantages of dry iron

You can control the temperature by on/off the switch

They are less expensive than the steam irons

It is safe and comfortable to operate

Disadvantages of dry iron

Sometimes dry irons do not receive enough heating. It may happen due to thermostat settings or electric connection issues.

With time, the soleplate becomes dirty, and the small holes get clogged by dirt. It may affect the overall performance of ironing.

Difference between dry iron vs steam iron

The primary differences between a steam iron and dry iron are-

  • Soleplate: Both types of irons come with different soleplates. Dry irons possess solid soleplates, whereas, steam iron has small holes in their solid made soleplates. These holes release steam to de-wrinkle smoothly. The material of the soleplates is different, like- ceramic, stainless steel. Users can choose according to their purposes.
  • Water tank: Steam irons come with water tanks. You need to fill it with water. After getting a heat, this water transforms into steam to make your clothes de-wrinkle very fast. But dry iron does not have a water chamber as it does not use steam while ironing.
  • User-friendly: Dry iron is much user-friendly as you need to adjust the temperature. But steam iron comes with spray key, steam lever, LED and many more. You need to understand all these features to make it operate right. Therefore, a steam iron is a little complex.
  • Spray mist: Most of the steam irons come with spray mist button to sprinkle water on your clothes to make them moist. It will help to crisp your clothes very fast. But dry iron does not have this feature.
  • Versatility: You can use most of the steam irons as dry iron by disabling the steam feature. Therefore, it is a little expensive. But dry iron does not have this versatile facility.


From this article, you get to know all the details of both of these two dry iron vs steam iron. Both of the two irons have some advantages and disadvantages. It would help if you gave little care to enhance the usability of those.

Though I prefer steam iron more as it comes with many added features to make your ironing comfortable, people also pick dry irons in a budget-friendly cost to fulfil their requirements.

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