Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser – which is best

Gas Geyser Vs Electric Geyser

Having a shower in the cold winter mornings is the most significant challenging task I ever had. Not only we feel sluggish, but also, we may fall sick. Only a water geyser can make your job easy to deliver you continuous hot water supply. But there are two types of geysers available in the market- gas geyser vs electric geyser. It may be confusing especially for the first-timers to decide which one should buy. Both of these two types of heaters work differently and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Compare gas geyser vs electric geyser

Please scroll the mouse to go through the differences and the positive-negative aspects of these two types. It will help you to choose the right one to suit your purpose.

Gas Geyser Vs Electric Geyser

Advantages of gas geyser

  1. You can control the heating rate along with the heating level
  2. You can preserve a fair amount of power if you use instant hot water
  3. It is ideal for the large-size family
  4. Repairing procedure is very easy
  5. You do not need electricity to run your gas geyser
  6. It uses both Government pipeline natural gas or LPG household gas

Disadvantages of gas geyser

  1. It is not a safe appliance. It may lead you to significant accidents, even death
  2. The requires much space to place the LPG cylinder. Washroom must be well-ventilated to avoid accidents
  3. The market for gas geysers is tiny. Most of the models are instant type. Storage gas geysers are not available here
  4. Gas burners may damage frequently. Thus, having short life-span
  5. Installation is a little tricky. You need experts to make them installed
  6. Burning of LPG or natural gas will produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, gas geysers cause air-pollution
  7. Nowadays, the more the gas prices, the more the gas geyser pieces are increasing
  8. With time, a sedimental residue will form at the base of the tank. It would help if you drained them to receive uninterrupted service

Gas geyser vs electric geyser India

Let us discuss some of the common factors to differentiate them:

  • Gas geysers are more energy-efficient than the latter. Gas geysers need gas to run, whereas electric heaters run by electricity. After burning gas or coal, we get electricity. Therefore, gas geyser installation requires less energy.
  • The installation of electric heaters is straightforward. On the other hand, as gas is not readily available, the gas geyser installation is not an easy task. You need a gas pipeline in your house to install this appliance.
  • In some of the localities, gas is not readily available. But they can install electric geyser very easily.
  • You can avail gas at a cheaper rate. Therefore, gas water heaters are more economical than the other one.
  • Electric geysers ensure better safety than the gas geysers.
  • Gas geysers heat-up very fast than electric ones.
  • Gas burners may damage often. But an electric geyser can last up to 5-6 years.
  • Burning of gas produces carbon monoxide. It may pollute the environment. But electric heaters are pollution-free.

Gas water heater vs electric water heater which is better

Gas Geyser Vs Electric Geyser

I cannot give you a straight forward answer to this question as what works for my home may not suit yours. As a home-owner, you need to decide which type of geyser will work for you according to your circumstances.

If your home location lacks the supply of both natural gas and LPG, you will undoubtedly choose the electric one. On the other hand, if you are suffering from frequent power cuts, a gas geyser will be the ideal choice for you. You do not require electricity to run the device.

Next point I need to mention here is your financial status. Though gas heaters are economical appliances, the initial price range of this gadget is relatively high. Therefore, before buying, please think about the price range. Moreover, this expensive gadget will not last as much as an electrical geyser.

On the other hand, you need to have a good electrical connection to make your gadget run as tankless heaters require a high voltage of electricity. Because it can give you gallons of hot water in a minute, preferably an electric tank heater will take almost a day to heat the same quantity of water.

Safety is another point to discuss. Some home-makers cannot comfortably operate gas-powered water heaters. Naturally, they prefer an electric water heater.

From this discussion, you now understand you need to decide your own as per your set of circumstances.

Final words:

The smallest possible water heater would be perfect for preserving electric consumption. However, a smaller water heater cannot give you a fair amount of hot water. If you want to save both power and monthly expense, you can install a gas geyser.

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