Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder which is best for home

food processor and mixer grinder

Food Processor Vs Mixer Grinder-All of us want to make our kitchen task easy and convenient. For this, we need to buy some handy kitchen appliances. There are various tasks in the kitchen, like- grinding masalas, chopping vegetables, mincing meat, chopping ginger, garlic, making chutneys, purees, and many more. You are thinking of picking a mixer grinder to make your task easy.

Difference between Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder in India

But there are various options available in the market, mixer grinder, food processor, blender, and many more. You may feel confused to decide which one to buy! All of them come with different purposes to serve your need.

 In this article, I will highlight the fundamental differences between a food processor vs mixer grinder. Please read the article to pick the right product as per your kitchen needs.

What is a food processor?

The food processor is also a multi-functional kitchen appliance. We use it to chop vegetables, fruits, or spices to serve multi-purpose use.

There are different sizes jars present with ‘S’ shaped blades to chop vegetables. It comes with a pusher to push the food into the bowl.

Before coming to a final decision, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of both of these two appliances. It will help you to make the right decision.

Food Processor Vs Mixer Grinder

Advantages of a food processor:

  • It helps you to save both time and energy to do all the work effortlessly, like- dicing, mashing, shredding.
  • This can prepare all the ingredients within seconds without cutting or hurting you.
  • It can save a lot of your time to prepare all your work within minutes.
  • It can easily prepare salads and soups.

Disadvantages of a food processor:

  • This takes much space
  • It doesn’t sound delightful
  • It requires a lot of time to clean it
  • Consumes more electricity

What is a mixer grinder?

Mixer grinder mixes various ingredients to make a smooth paste. Usually, we use it to make purees, smoothies, chopping or cutting vegetables and fruits, mincing meats, and many more.

Therefore, a mixer grinder can operate both the two functions, mixing and grinding. It comes with two jars, one big and the other one is small. You can control the speed of this appliance as per your needs. Both big and small families can use this mixer grinder.

Food Processor Vs Mixer Grinder

Advantages of mixer grinder:

  • It is a very versatile appliance. It not only prepares milkshakes or ice cream but also grinds hard ingredients, like- nuts, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves. You can grind other necessary items to prepare mouth-watering dishes for your near and dear ones.
  • It has more options than a food processor. It is also very user-friendly, and you need not waste much time to make it run.
  • This comes with variable speed control options. From slow stirring to high speed- you can choose according to the type of your food.
  • It requires very minimal maintenance. You can clean it with a soft fabric cloth and detergent water to wipe off the food particles.

Disadvantages of a mixer grinder:

  • There is a chance of overheating if you use it for a long time
  • With time, the rubber lid can get loosen
  • It would help if you held the jar firmly while grinding
  • Little hard to take out all the food you grind, as the blades occupy a lot of space.

Which is the best? Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder

If you are a food-loving person, then you should have a food processor. It can do the chopping, slicing, grating to prepare a dish. If you need to do all these tasks, it will take a long time. It helps to save both your time and energy.

Though a mixer grinder comes with two or three jars, they can do slicing or griding. It cannot help you do the other additional tasks.

On the other hand, you can fix different types of blades in a food processor. It comes with a lid along with a tube to help you to pour the food into a container.

Conclusion- Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder

From this discussion, I am sure you can decide whether a mixer grinder or a food processor will help you doing the kitchen chores as both of these two appliances work to serve a different purpose.

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