which is better IFB Vs LG Washing Machine Front & top loading

IFB Vs LG Washing Machine

IFB vs LG washing machine review-Washing machines has become an essential commodity for almost every Indian household. Since the invention, it helps in doing the laundry to make the life of the housewives and maids comfortable. Since birth, with the upgradations and technological advancements, there are various brands with different models available in India.

All of the brands have different types of models, like- top-loading, front-loading, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Among them, LG and IFB are the two leading brands to offer the most upgraded washing machines.

In the Indian market, IFB takes 40%, and LG occupies 32% place. Both of these two brands come with different technology to serve the same purpose. Here, I am going to survey IFB washing machine vs LG washing machine to assist you in making a smart choice.

Washing Machine IFB vs LG

IFB Vs LG Washing Machine

IFB washing machine:

IFB is a well-reputed and trusted leading brand on a global scale. It offers both top-loading and front-loading washing units to the customers. Let us now discuss various features of IFB washing machines-

  • Smart laundry: IFB comes with a smart loading feature in its front-loading models. It takes care of your clothes insightfully. With this feature, it can remove all the dirt, debris, bacteria, pollen allergens, and even pet hair from the clothes instantly. This smart technology also helps you to save electricity. Designed with a power notch system to ensure safety due to power fluctuations.
  • Washing cycles: With the help of the latest German technology, IFB comes with a wide range of washing cycles for the customers-
  • 360-degree wash: It helps to release water at 360-degree inside the drum to make the clothes uniformly soaked.
  • O2 wash: It is present to deliver air pockets in the drum to give a clean wash of your clothes.
  • Cradle wash: This wash cycle is present to give your delicate clothes a gentle wash with your washing appliance.
  • Air bubble wash: The air bubbles produce in the drum to make your laundry cleaner.
  • Steam wash: This wash cycle produces steam in the drum to give an excellent texture to the fabric of your clothes.
  • Aqua energy technology: IFB comes with this unique feature to convert hard water into soft and delicate water. This feature is beneficial to fight against this typical issue in India. This built-in technology is available in most of IFB models. It helps to convert the bicarbonates into the fine crystals to make the detergents active. This technology works as a life-saver to the fabric to make them smooth and well-textured.

Other notable specifications:

  • The washing cycle is lesser than LG
  • Enabled with rapid wash functionality
  • With 1400-rpm frequency motor, it can give competition to the other brands
  • Comes with a load-adjustable motor

Customer reviews: Most of the IFB models come with the latest technology to serve the needs of Indian customers. However, some of the customers suggested improving the build quality of IFB washers. LG has other innovative features that are not present in IFB. But you will get a smart and decent laundry with IFB.

Now, I am detailing the features of LG washing machine to compare between the two brands.

LG washing machine:

LG, the South Korean brand, is very popular in machine manufacturing brands not only in India but across the world also. You will experience an excellent after-sales administration service from LG. Though according to the market survey, the purchasing rate of LG machines is lesser than the IFB.

Let us discuss the basic features of LG washing machines-

  • Top-loading or front-loading: According to the survey of Amazon. In, no front-loaded washing machine comes in the list of top 10 washers. Though due to its direct-drive technology, it is popular in the offline market.

On the other hand, top-loaded washing machines come with several innovative features. They have incorporated various advanced technologies in the fully automated top-loaded washing machines.

  • Motion styles: Most of the top-loading models of LG has below-mentioned washing cycles:
  • Scrubbing
  • Rolling
  • Swinging
  • Tumbling

Some models come with six motion styles to enhance washing capability.

  • Auto-restart: Most of the top-loading models of LG come with the auto-restart feature. This in-built feature is available with LG washers as they focus mainly on the Indian market. A power cut is widespread in India. Auto-restart technology helps the machine to restart again from the point where it stopped.
  • TwinWash Technology: LG has come with this unique feature that is not available in any other brands until now. LG includes two separate drums for washing, the top drum and the mini drum. TwinWash technology ensures effective cleaning by diversifying the washing space.
  • Steam allergen cycle: Most of the LG washing machines come with steam allergen cycles that incorporates three sections. They are- Allergen Sanitization, Allergen Dissolution and Allergen Removal. These steps ensure to make the laundry free from common allergens.

Other notable specifications:

  • Comes with god RPM to ensure the fastest washing
  • Enabled with smart inverter technology
  • Can reduce your laundry time with advanced technology
  • Designed with smart motion features

Customer reviews: LG washing machine has all the top-notch features to make your laundry comfortable. It mainly focuses on meeting Indian customers. Dual load and allergen removal technology are some of the most significant elements. Customers are expecting some more advancement from LG. I can suggest improving the front-loaders to reach the top-selling model list.

From my detailed discussion, you came to know all the technological innovations of both of these products. Both of the brands are unique. While IFB is budget-friendly and has better front-load models, LG has the quality and latest upgraded technology. This writing will be helpful for you to choose the perfect one as per your requirements.

Above all, you need to maintain a lot to make any of these brands long-lasting. With good maintenance, a product with just a 2-year warranty can run up to 10 years comfortably.

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