5 Best tower fan in India 2024-Detailed list

best tower fan in india

In the last few years, the weather of India has transformed to a great extent. Nowadays, everyone becomes so much irritated during the summer because of excessively hot weather. It is because of all these reasons, the tower fan has become very much popular among the people. The tower fans are easily portable and also offer us cold and amazing air and thereby help us to tackle with this warm weather.

We can also set the speed accordingly to make the air compatible enough with the environment around. Whenever we tend to buy any product, we always search for the best that comes within our budget. Although there are numerous options available, it is quite difficult to find the best one out of them. Hence, here we have come up with the list of top best tower fans in India to curtail your efforts and save your time accordingly. All these listed names are best in their spectrums. So let’s check out them and get one of our requirements!

The best 5 tower fans in India

best tower fan in india

1.Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

This is a perfect match for those who want a personal air cooler with all the advanced specifications. This 12T personal tower air cooler has incredible features and one can buy it absolutely within budget.

It has 12 litres capacity which is ideal for a 28 cubic meters sized room. You can keep all the ventilation of the room open to get an efficient cooling. In case of any defect, you will get 1 year of warranty on the product with which you can contact the service providers any time for any fault in the device.

It has highly effective honeycomb cooling pads that give you superior cooling and cool flow dispenser also. It is made with the i-pure technology that ensures multistage purification of the air to filter all the bacteria or allergens or any unpleasant smell from the air and ascertain fresh air to you. Because of its convenient size of 300mm length, 330mm breadth,  and 845mm height, it can be easily carried out anywhere.

  • 12 litres of storage.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Portability.
  • Superior i-pure technology for air purification.
  • consumes only 170-watt power (equals to the fan’s operating cost)
  • Powerful dura-pump for the longevity of the pump.
  • Can be used only for personal use.
  • Comes only in white color.

2.Bajaj TC2007 37-Litre Tower Air Cooler

The second name on our list is occupied by Bajaj TC2007. It has all the features that any household wants to grab without extending the budget. With the capacity of 34 liters and perfect dimension of 46.5cm x 30.8 cm x 84.0 cm, it can be easily installed in a 300sq. ft room.

The honeycomb cooling media makes the air cooler and healthy. You can also remove the pads whenever you want. It offers 3 sided cooling pads for better performance. Because of having a castor wheel, it can be conveniently port from one place to another.

It can be used in any climatic condition whether it is coastal regions or anything else. Moreover, this can be considered as the best tower fan in India because of its other supportive features like dust protection screen, chill trap technology, unique icebox, and many more.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • 34-litre capacity.
  • can be installed in a 300sq. ft room.
  • Has advanced features like unique ice-box, chill trap technology, etc.
  • Its dust protection screen never allows any dust to be mixed up with the air and thus helps in getting fresh and clean air.
  • Easily removal cooling pads.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Outdated looks.
  • Very much noisy.
  • No remote control.

3.iBell Prime Tower Fan

If you live alone and thus, want a personal fan tower, then this can be your perfect choice. This tower fan introduced by iBell Prime has all the modern features that will wonder you and make you go for it.

It is sleek and too much trendy in looks that complement any home interior perfectly. Not only by its looks, but it will also wonder you with its cost-effective nature as well. It’s not just that you can buy it at affordable prices but you can save a lot of your electricity bills while using the same. It just consumes 14w of power and is similar to the power consumption of a normal fan.

It also delivers the air very fast which is 2250㎥ per hour and gives you great relief during the hot and humid climate outside. It has the capacity to throw the air till 25feet and make you worry-free and comfortable in any place within this distance. You can get any damage or defect held in the device for free within its 1-year warranty period.

  • Trendy looks.
  • Designed in the latest versions.
  • Power consumption is much lower and is equal to a normal fan.
  • can throw power up to 25feet.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Only for personal use.
  • Service centres are hardly available and you need to contact us directly to get the fault rectified.

4.USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans

Get this incredibly designed, most fashionable plastic fiber tower fan introduced by USHA. It comes in two colors Black and White, which makes it phenomenal to look.

This sleek and amazing air cooler is made with a 100% copper motor that ensures a longer shelf life to this device. Its auto-protective motor helps you to get clean and fresh air always as it filters all the impurities of air and provides you with the fresh one. This auto-protect technology also helps to make the air cooler a space-saving with its thermal overloading Tubular centrifugal.

You can put it anywhere with a manual setting of 2 hours of the timer and 3rd speed to have a comfortable leisure time. It also has oscillation feature for the circulation of air effectively.

  • Low power consumption i.e., up to 35 watts.
  • 1 year warranty period.
  • 100% copper motor.
  • Auto-protect feature.
  • Uniform wide oscillation for effective air circulation.
  • Easy manual operation
  • Usable only for a personal basis.
  • No remote control.

5.Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

This is the most fashionable tower fan motor in our list of 5. It can easily mesmerize you with its amazing looks and perfect functioning. It can be best used when you go outdoors and want a pleasant air to avoid the hectic hot weather outside.

The weighs just 4 kg and 47 g that makes it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. It has Oscillating Tower Fan with an arctic-pro digital screen that can be easily operated with remote control. This 42-inch air cooler comes just within your budget and makes you all the pleasure in this hot weather of the summer.

You will get 1-year of warranty in case any manufacturing damage or defect occurs in the device. You need to call us in such cases as you may not get the service centre nearby.

  • Most fashionable look with a sleek and small design.
  • Remote operability.
  • Low weight 4 kg and 47 g for its easy portability.
  • 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
  • You may need to hold it by your hands.


We live a busy life with lots of work either for the office, home, or other spaces. After a day-long hectic schedule, we always want to have a pleasant time when we can relax our body and mind completely.

In today’s world, where to get a good product we always need to pay more, these incredible collections of air coolers changed the whole view greatly. Moreover, all of these have all-around features that make them superior in their own.

These models have been picked up by thorough research and studies on various available air coolers around. So, if you want to buy the best without extending your budget at all, then this list of the best tower fan in India may help you to a great extent.

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