Advantages and disadvantages of Inverter AC

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter AC

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter AC:

Until some years back, there was only a single type of AC available; that is, the conventional air conditioner. Inverter AC is a new concept for the last few years. Inverter technology is applicable only in the split AC, not in the Window AC. It has far advanced features to make you comfortable. Enabled with smart technology, it is energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Introduced by Toshiba, Japan, it comes mainly for commercial purposes. It consumes electricity in an optimized manner. When the electricity fluctuates, the inverter compressors can change the speed of the refrigeration cycle.

With having so many advantages, there are so many disadvantages to it. Here, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of inverter AC along with the functionality.


Inverter ACs reach the desired temperature very quickly. After getting the ideal temperature, the compressor starts to maintain a comfortable climate.

For maintaining the temperature, inverter technology uses to regulate the speed of the motor. It helps to transform the AC to DC. Thus, it enables the frequency current. Finally, the microcontroller governs the speed of the engine.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter AC

Advantages of Inverter AC:

Some of the primary benefits of Inverter AC are-

  • Energy-efficient: Inverter Air Conditioners optimally consume electricity. No power fluctuations will occur in the absence of the continually turning on and off the compressor. More electrical volatility, along with the high load of work volume, makes the compressor to function with astonishing speed. It causes increased consumption of electricity. As the compressor of the Inverter AC varies with the working load, it reduces the power consumption by up to 40% yearly.
  • Cost-effective: As the Inverter AC consumes lower power, it will automatically lower your electricity bill. Though Inverter ACs are a little expensive, you can recover those extra pennies within a short period. Thus, the energy-efficient feature makes your pockets happy.
  • Faster cooling: The compressor of an Inverter AC runs at high speed. Therefore, it can make a room to cool very fast. But the conventional ACs take much time to cool a place as their compressor runs at a fixed speed.
  • Noise-friendly: Inverter AC runs comparatively at a low speed than the traditional one. The compressor is too silent. Hence, it creates very little or no sound or vibration. It allows a comfortable and sound sleep without disturbance.
  • Environment-friendly: One of the other essential benefits of Inverter AC is it can run on solar panels. Due to the good-quality refrigerant, it is naturalistic.
  • Constant temperature: An Inverter AC helps to maintain a uniform temperature inside the room to make you feel comfortable.

Disadvantages of Inverter Air Conditioner:

Indeed, everything is not fair with Inverter ACs. Please look at the penalties of it-

  • Bad insulation: In the properly insulated rooms, the Inverter AC works energy-efficiently. Therefore, it will consume more electricity while running in an uninsulated place. It will make a hole in your pocket to pay the monthly bill.
  • Maintenance: The components of Inverter ACs are a little expensive than the traditional ones. Therefore, the care and repairing service is too costly. Before making the purchase, you should consider the fact that your pocket will be able to meet the expenses.
  • Increase humidity: If you select a powerful inverter AC for your room, it will create cycles frequently to reach the desired temperature. Instead, it will not be able to humidify the air. It makes the room either too hot or too cold. With such high humidity, space will become uncomfortable for you.
  • Expensive: The most significant disadvantage of an Inverter AC is that it is too costly. It is because it has upgraded technology than the conventional ones. They are designed with the latest compressor to raise the manufacturing cost. For such a high price, it is not very demanding until now. Therefore, Inverter AC is not suitable for budget-friendly customers.

Is it worth to buy an Inverter AC?

Inverter AC will help you to lower the electric consumption than the non-inverter ones. From small bedrooms to large auditoriums, Inverter AC fits with all, though maintenance cost is a little high. Due to the expensive components, it will pinch your pocket a bit. But if you want to save your monthly electricity expenses, you can go for Inverter Air Conditioner.

Now you came to know of all the advantages and disadvantages of an Inverter AC. However, it is not sufficient to make the right decision. Though it requires a reasonable maintenance cost, it will save your monthly electricity bill. In the recent era, many of the houses and offices are choosing the Inverter ACs. They can save millions of fossil fuels. You can also pick this environment-friendly Inverter AC to save your Mother Earth.

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