Best Gas Geyser In India 2024-Review list

Best Gas Geyser

Top 5 gas geyser in India

Having a bath is really a painful task during winter. The pin-like strikes of cold water feel like they are snatching our whole body. Moreover, bathing with cold water during the winter season isn’t also good for health.

This is because with the first fall of cold water in the Winter, your sudden breath can make your heart weaker and you may feel breathlessness with such practice regularly. But if you have a good geyser in the bathroom, you can enjoy this season without bothering even for your bath also.

It is the common human tendency to search for the best at the best possible prices. And, buying a gas water heater geyser is not an exception. To make your search easier and efficient, today, we are going to introduce the top gas geyser that perfectly works on your according and give you a pleasurable bath in this upcoming winter. all of them are superior in their own. All of them have captivating features along with the most budget-friendly prices that you don’t need to worry much about buying them. So, check them out!

List of Top 5 gas Geysers in India

Best Gas Geyser

1.Havells Flagro Storage 6-Litre Gas Heater

This gas geyser introduced by Havels comes in the number one position of our list. It has a capacity of 6l storage. If your budget is low yet you want to get a perfectly functioning geyser then it can be a perfect match.

It also cuts your electricity bills greatly with its energy-saving feature. It comes with 2 years of warranty that means for any manufacturing damage with the appliance can be corrected easily by availing the warranty services.

You can manually manage the heating of the geyser as there is no automatic functioning available in it. it offers a seldom safety and security by its superior options. Moreover, the design it comes with is durable and has standard looks that perfectly complement any interior design or type. It heats up the water sooner than other types of heaters.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Single wield-line design.
  • Instant heating feature.
  • Manually setting is available.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Offers a high-density PUF insulation.
  • No heating indicator.
  • No automatic heat function is there and you need to manage everything manually.
  • Can store only 6 Litres of water.

2.LONGWAY® Xolo Gold Premium

The Longway Xolo instant water heater has gained a lot of popularity amongst the household. It is not only cost-effective but also has many other features that will wonder you.

It has 7 Litre water storage with a premium instant heating process to facilitate you in getting hot water in a lesser wait-time. It’s take is made up of 100% copper that gives it an incredible look. Its smooth working process is perfectly managed by a microprocessor electronically controlled circuit.

It is easy to maintain as you can get the repair done from any nearest service providers. it comes with 5 safety features such as, Cut out, Flame Failure device, Safety valve, auto shut off, 20-minute heating timer. Because of its high demand, the service centres are available nearby any region. With all the advanced and special features, it matches the designs of every bathroom. You can buy it without exceeding your budget.

  • Economic price range.
  • 7-liter storage capacity.
  • 100% copper tank.
  • Instant water heating system.
  • Microprocessor electronically controlled circuit to ensure smooth working.
  • Service centers are available nearby.
  • 5 safety features to ensure a completely safer operation.
  • Outdated model.
  • Comes with only a 1-year warranty.

3.Bajaj Majesty Duo Gas Water Heater

This wonderful set of water heater comes in our 3rd best of the top gas water heaters in India. It has a 5.5 litre capacity of water storage that makes it perfect for domestic usage.

As it is very much economic and also allows us with many top-notch benefits, it is the preference of most of the households who have a gas heater requirement for their home. Although it has many benefits, because of certain demerits it is ranked in 3rd position in our list.

  • Enables 5.5 litres of water storage.
  • Easy installation for both high or low pressure.
  • Premium sensor for oxygen depletion.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Primitive designs.
  • The installation won’t be given by the brand and it needs to be managed one’s own.
  • Needs to call the company from where it is bought directly for any repair work.
  • The oxygen depletion sensor often doesn’t work properly.

4.LONGWAY® Xolo Smart

This amazing water heater gas geyser introduced by Longway made many people wonder about its efficient functioning. it has all the requirements one wants to have from a water heating geyser.

The gives instant water heating along with intimating you with the heating alarm. It can contain 7 litre of water which means even you don’t lose the water connection, it can sufficiently provide you water for your purpose. its heavy copper tank keeps the water hot for a long time and also heats the water in a short period.

The 5 safety features like safety valve, cut out, 20 min timer, flame failure, and auto shut off that lead you to a worry-free operation with the device. It gives smooth working with the microprocessor electronically controlled circuit. What else does one want from a geyser?

  • Cost-effective.
  • Instant heating.
  • heating indicator.
  • 7-litre water storage.
  • 5 safety features.
  • Heavy copper tank for fast and long-lasting heating.
  • Microprocessor electronically controlled circuit for smooth working
  • Only a 12-months warranty.
  • Outdated model.

5.Racold Eco LPG 6 Liter Gas Water Heater

Our 5th name on the list is occupied by the Racold Eco water heater. It comes with 6 litre LPG gas geyser and thus saves the electricity to a great extent. It doesn’t use NG source to heat the water. The offers a child lock system which is an added feature to this water heater.

This helps in protecting children from any kind of accident. It also has advanced smart protection that allows it to ignite when there is an overflow of water to ensure your safety. Moreover, this water heart has the maximum heating efficiency with low gas consumption which means you don’t need to worry about gas filling very frequently for the sake of water heating.

You can also get another advanced option of selecting the modes according to the season. There are many people who prefer bathing with hot water even during summer either because of the recommendation of the doctor or any other. But the temperature should be minimal and not the same as during the winter.

This water heater allows you to set the mode accordingly and get the necessary heating of the water. Another great feature with this is it can heat the water even there is low water pressure.

  • conomic price range.
  • Electricity-efficient.
  • Child-safety lock system.
  • advanced smart protection of ignition in case of overflow of the water.
  • Two different modes for summer and winter.
  • 6 liter of capacity.
  • Water heating even in the low water pressure.
  • Runs with gas.
  • Looks are traditional and not modern.


All these water heater names on the list are very much efficient and budget-friendly. So buying any of them won’t be a bad choice at all. All of them are enormous in their own. You can explore different experiences with their advanced features. Today, they are leading the industry in India not only because of their features but also because of the most economic nature. You can have long-lasting operations from these water heater gas geyser without any hassle for maintenance.

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