7 Best Air Cooler under 10000 in India 2024

Best Air Cooler Under 10000

Best Air Cooler under 10000

Though air conditioners can give you comfort from the scorching heat outside, they are costly too. Therefore, most of us cannot afford this expensive appliance. For them, air coolers can be the best cost-effective solution. This pocket-friendly appliance helps you to withstand the unbearable heat.

These cooling appliances are environment-friendly and consume less electricity. However, there are various types of coolers available in the market with different technical specifications. After long research, I have come with some of the best air cooler under 10000 in India to make you calm and happy.

Please go through the reviews to make the best investment in this coming summer.

Best Air Cooler under 10000 Rs in India

Best Air Cooler Under 10000

1.Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler


  • 36-litre water storage tank
  • Inverter compatible appliance
  • Three honeycomb cooling pads
  • Four castor wheels
  • Made with rust-free plastic body

Bajaj Platini air cooler comes first in this list and is ideal for 140 sq ft area. 1800 m3/hr. Air delivery, up to 70 ft high air throw and three side honeycomb cooling pads are some of the well-mentioned features that make it the best air cooler under Rs 1000.

Bajaj Platini itself is a conventional model, though it is improving with newer designs. It is a cost-effective appliance. Therefore, people looking for a budget-friendly cooler, this model can be an excellent buy for them.

This elegant looking gadget comes in a perfect size. So, this economical cooling appliance can add décor to your room. It has a powerful motor and comes with four castor wheels to ensure mobility.

  • Best air throw
  • Low noise
  • Looking awesome
  • Small in size
  • Plastic screws could have metal made
  • Plastic body joints sometimes leave

2.Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler

Best Air Cooler Under 10000


  • 31-litre water storage tank
  • Inverter compatible appliance
  • Overload protected
  • Four castor wheels
  • Made with rust-free plastic

Symphony HiCool-i is smart enough to meet all your summer needs. All the smart features, like- empty water tank notification, powerful motor, blower fan, voltage fluctuation cut-off, air purification filtration, timer, remote control make it the best Symphony air cooler under 1000.

With the help of these smart cooling features, it can cool down your room very fast. It comes with 31-litre water storage tank. It offers 1750 cubic meter air delivery rate.

This personal cooler is suitable for smaller rooms and office. Enabled with i-pure technology, it withstands dust, smell, bacteria to give you fresh air to breath in.

  • The cooling effect stunning
  • Two-way auto air throw
  • Easy to use panels
  • Buttons are very responsive
  • Customer service is not good
  • No humidity control is present

3.Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler


  • 75-litre water storage tank
  • Inverter compatible appliance
  • Honeycomb cooling pads are present
  • Four moving castor wheels
  • Made with rust-free plastic

Honeycomb pads, overload protection, low price- all these make Crompton Ozone one of the best desert air cooler under 1000. It is ideal for 200 sq. ft. coverage area.

This appliance is durable and comes in a compact size to not occupy much space in your room. At level 1 and 2, it releases a very soothing humming sound; though level 3 noise is little noisy.

It is energy-efficient and can save your monthly expenses a lot. Having a 75-litre water storage tank, it will not give you the tension of the repeated water filling. An ice chamber is there to add ice if you feel too hot.

  • Nice cooling
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Occupies less space
  • Customer service is not good
  • Level 3 sound is a little noisy

4.iBELL COOLPLUS Air Cooler 22-Litre 3 Speed Inverter

Best Air Cooler Under 10000


  • 22-litre water storage tank
  • Water level indicator
  • Inverter compatible device
  • Filter technology
  • Comes with castor wheels

In the list of the best air cooler under 10k, iBell COOLPLUS is a smart appliance that comes with personal cooling range. It can efficiently cool your home and office very fast.

This appliance is available in a stylish and elegant look. This smart appliance comes with a 22-litre water storage capacity. This ergonomically designed appliance has three controlling cooling option and swings feature.

It is inverter compatible and comes with a powerful motor and a water level indicator. Enabled with a filtration technology, it purifies all the dust particles to deliver fresh and cold air.

  • Compact size
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easy to operate
  • Effective cooling
  • Working manual is missing
  • Build quality is not very impressive

5.Symphony Siesta Desert Air Cooler 45-litres


  • 45-litre water storage tank
  • The highly effective cooling pad is present
  • Blower fan
  • Powerful motor
  • Control panel with knob
  • Ice inlet is present

In the list of the best Symphony air cooler under 10000, Symphony Siesta is noteworthy for having highly efficient cooling features to make your room temperature bearable in the staunching summer.

360-degree rotational castor wheels are present to ensure easy mobility. There is a water release plug to clean and store water easily. It has an outlet to release the excess water and leave the unit spill-proof.

An innovative ice chamber is present in this unit to deliver an extra cooling effect in the hot and sultry summer afternoon. The automatic movement of the louvre helps to spread cold air throughout the room evenly.

  • Light-weight
  • Noise level is too low
  • The fan has a great swing
  • Delivery is on time
  • Plastic is of low quality
  • Manual has limited instructions

6.Bajaj DC2015 43-litres Desert Room Air Cooler- for Large Room


  • Suitable for 600 sq. ft. area
  • Allows cross ventilation
  • 43-litre water storage tank
  • The water inlet is available at the front, top and back
  • Made with a corrosion-free thermoplastic material

Bajaj DC2015 is the best desert air cooler under 10000 to meet all the modern needs. Though it is desert cooler, it is available in the shape of the other modern cooling appliances.

It is suitable for a dry climate. This unique designed cooling gadget is ideal for all the large conference halls, offices, and restaurants. Enabled with 43-litre water tank, it can deliver continuous cooling air for a more extended period.

Featured with a wood wool cooling effect, it is ideal for all the seasons. Castor wheels are present with it to ensure easy mobility. Corrosion-free thermoplastic material enhances the durability of this gadget.

  • Cooling capacity is good
  • Good airflow
  • Delivery is on time
  • Friendly customer service
  • Noise level is a little higher
  • Cooler blades are making harsh sounds

7.Symphony Touch 35 Personal Air Cooler 35-litres with Remote


  • 35-litre water storage tank
  • Suitable for smaller bedrooms and hostels
  • Enabled with honeycomb cooling pads
  • Enriched with i-pure technology
  • User-friendly digital touch screen

In the list of the best air cooler under 10000 in India, Symphony Touch comes last. It comes with high-quality cooling features for all the small rooms or offices. You can put this compact-sized air cooler near your bed, dinner table or sofa set.

Enabled with a cold flow dispenser, it ensures an evenly cooling throughout the room. Dura Pump Technology enhances the longevity of the pump. SMPS technology helps the unit to shut off in case of voltage fluctuation.

It is energy-efficient, thus, can save a fair amount of your monthly expenses. Designed with mosquito repellent net, it helps to keep away all the mosquitoes and insects to keep your health good.

  • The touch screen is useful
  • Good looking
  • Swift delivery
  • Auto program mode is amazing
  • Ice cube cabinet is missing
  • The buttons of the remote control are hard to press

Final words: This is the list of the best air coolers for a home under 10000. All of them are worth penny and come with various features. I have also mentioned both positive and negative points along with the product description.

Please go through the specifications of all the products to make a smart choice. And if you can afford little extra penny, please go through the best air cooler above 10000 to match your requirements.

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