5 Best Alkaline Water Purifiers in India 2024

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers In India

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers -Water is an essential supplement that every energetic body need to survive. Maybe perhaps, for this reason, water takes the top place in this world. But still, a minimal amount of water is available for drinking. As most of the water bodies, like- rivers, sea, the groundwater are getting polluted with industrial advancement.

Therefore, we must purify the drinking water to make them free from all the micro-pollutants. Recently, medical experts suggest taking alkaline water to ensure the safety of our family. Water with the right pH level is the alkaline water.

Top 5 Best Alkaline Water Purifiers Machines

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers In India

Hence, I am going to discuss the best alkaline water purifier in the home, along with the buying guide section. Let’s see if you can make the right choice from them.

1.Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier


  • Enabled with RO+UV purification technology
  • Comes with 7-stage of purification
  • Mineralz technology is present
  • Gives alert to signify various situations
  • Designed with an outlet tap and indicator

Havells itself is a leading company to produce various electrical appliances since ages. Havells alkaline water purifier has RO purification technology to deliver crystal clear and 100% safe water for you.

Enabled with Minerals technology, it not only maintains the pH level but also can add the missing minerals in the filtered water. It comes with iProtect monitoring technology to monitor the entire purification process.

This Havells alkaline water purifier undergoes 7-stage of purification to deliver you the safest and best tasting alkaline water to drink. You can mount this 7-litre cleaner in your kitchen wall or can keep on tabletop also.

This cleaner gives alarm to signify various situations, like- full tank, low water pressure, pump failure and many more. It maintains the pH level between 7.5 and 8.5

  • Fantastic looking
  • Awesome water taste
  • Maintains 9.5 pH level
  • TDS reduces to 54 from 254
  • Non-responsive customer care
  • Very costly AMC

2.Faber Neutron Plus Alkaline RO + UV +UF + Copper Guard

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers In India


  • Comes with a 10-litre water storage capacity
  • Enabled with energy-saving mode
  • Made with high-quality ABS plastic
  • Has 9-stages of purification
  • Featured with a copper guard to enhance the taste of the water

Faber is another brand to produce various kitchen appliances. Among them, Faber Neutron alkaline water machine is another noticeable kitchen gadget. It has 9-stages of purification to deliver the safest possible alkaline water.

This does not only reduce the RPM but also maintains a good taste of the water. It has activated carbons that removes the extra salt to reduce the bitter taste of the water. It has both UV and UF filtration along with the carbon filter to make it one of the best alkaline water purifiers for home-usage.

This 10-litre water purifier comes from high-quality ABS food-grade plastic. It is very compact and occupies significantly less space in your kitchen. It purifies municipal corporation water supply, groundwater and tap water.

The energy-saving mode helps to turn off the appliance after full storage of water tank.

  • Looks premium
  • Awesome water taste
  • Easy installation
  • Good storage capacity
  • Poor customer service
  • A filter health indicator is missing

3.P-LINK® Black Edition RO+UV+TDS+B12 ALKALINE Water Purifier Kit.

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers In India


  • Stainless-steel made water tank
  • The multi-stage purification process is present
  • Comes with water level indicator
  • Designed with a LED light
  • Comes with all the fitting accessories

P-LINK is another alkaline water machine with having all the advanced purifying technologies to offer the purest water. It comes with a multi-stage purification process to remove all the impurities of the water.

The activated carbons help to eradicate 99% chlorine along with all the dust particles to improve the colour, taste and smell of the water. RO purifying technology helps to remove all the hard particles, like- lead, copper, arsenic, copper from the purified water.

It filters almost 75-gallons water regularly. Not only it removes the dust particles but also can add the required minerals. This P-LINK alkaline water machine comes with 12-litre water storage capacity.

  • Looks sober
  • Water taste is good
  • Large water tank
  • Good customer service
  • UF technology is missing
  • Free installation is not available

4.KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 3.5-litres


  • Enabled with carbon sedimentation technology
  • Comes with a 3.5-litre water storage capacity
  • Made with high-quality food-grade plastic
  • Removes all the chemical impurities
  • Offers 1—year manufacturing warranty

KENT itself is a very top-rated Italian brand to produce various kitchen appliances with having good customer support. This KENT alkaline water purifier machine maintains a right pH level to offer healthy alkaline water.

It has carbon sediment filtration technology to make the water alkaline and pure. It comes in a jug like a shape to make it more user-friendly to help you to pour water from it directly to other glasses and vessels.

Apart from pH balancing, it also eliminates the impurities to give fresh and healthy water. It is compact and comes with a 3.5-litre water storage capacity that is ideal for solo usage or small families.

Having all these purifying technologies, you will still find KENT alkaline water purifier price in India is very much pocket-friendly. Moreover, it offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

  • Well-priced
  • Takes small space
  • Good for health
  • Responsive customer service
  • Water taste differs with having bit odour
  • Leakage may happen

5.KENT Supreme Extra 2020 (11113), Zero Water Wastage


  • Comes with RO+UV+UF+alkaline technology
  • Enabled with zero water wastage technology
  • TDS controller is present
  • Comes with 8-litre water storage
  • Gives you an alarming notification when required

KENT Supreme water purifier comes with an overhead tank and zeroes water wasting technology in the purification process. It has an 8-litre water storage capacity that can give you continuous water flow even you have power-cut.

You can mount this cleaner on your kitchen wall comfortably. Enabled with mineral RO technology, it retains all the essential minerals to give you a right pH balanced alkaline water.

It has multiple stages of water purification to remove all the impurities and viruses. Even, it will give you a notification when the UV light becomes inefficient. This UV lamp helps to keep the stored water pure for an extended period.

  • Does RO purification efficiently
  • Durable
  • Looks good
  • Suitable for middle size family
  • Poor customer service
  • Requires frequent maintenance due to the off-white colour

6.Aqua Libra Water Purifier Alkaline 11-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier BCM


  • RO+UV protected purifier
  • Enabled with minerals technology
  • Comes with an 11-litre water storage capacity
  • Featured with energy-saving mode
  • RO technology enhances the taste of the water

In the group of Aquaguard alkaline water puffier, Aqua Libra is a new edition. Having all the advance purification technology, it has also become the best possible alkaline water machine.

It is energy-efficient. Therefore, it consumes very little electricity to run the purification process. With the ultra-filtration technologies, this cleaner is available at a pocket-friendly price.

It has mineralz technology to restore all the required minerals. Aqua Libra is a smart appliance that automatically turns off after loading the full tank. Moreover, RO technology remover all the chlorine particles to make the water odourless.

  • Very cheap
  • Perfect packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Nice water taste
  • Yet to find any

Alkaline water purifier benefits: Below-mentioned are some of the services-

  • Maintains a right pH level to keep both your body ad soul stay healthy and fresh
  • Improves your immune system
  • Alkaline water contains antioxidants that can withstand pre-ageing
  • Very helpful to reduce acidity

Buying guides:

Before purchasing an alkaline water purifiers machine, go through the below-mentioned points-

  • Filters: Some cleaners come with a single purification system, others with double. These filters remove the impurities from water. If you belong to a large family and need a fair amount of water, then a dual filtration system would be perfect for you.
  • Plates: You will find three kinds of dishes. They are- mesh, slotted, and flat-solid. The concrete plates are durable and ensure easy cleaning. The slotted and mesh- both plates are light-weight. As per the experts, less than three levels of filtration are not hygienic.
  • pH balance: An alkaline water machine gives both alkaline and acidic water. A total number of electrons present in water is the ORP value of water. While buying, you should pick the purifier having much ORP value.

On the other hand, 7+ pH value containing water is pure. If you want to clean the vegetables and fruits with the alkaline water, you must pick a 10+ pH machine.

Conclusion: Therefore, you need to consider these technical factors before buying an alkaline water purifier machine. If you want to make a smart choice, go through the products mentioned above. Happy drinking to stay safe and hydrated.

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