5 Best Steam Iron in India 2024

Best Steam Iron In India

Best Steam Iron -A smartly ironed wrinkle-free cloth holds your personality in a significant way. Whether you will attend a professional meeting, a family gathering, or a school going kid; neatly ironed clothes can make your day. Therefore, iron is the most essential and handy appliance you need to have in your home.

In this ironing world, steam irons are a recent addition. They remove all the severe wrinkles from your garments to make them more polished and smarter. No doubt, some of the best steam iron India is more efficient than the traditional one.

Before picking your dream iron, you will find innumerable options available in the market. To make your task easy, I have curated some of India’s best steam iron box.

Please scroll down to make a smart choice to make your clothes DE wrinkled.

Best Steam Iron Box

Best Steam Iron In India

1.Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray (Blue)

Best Steam Iron In India


  • Comes with a spray feature
  • Aluminum made non-stick soleplate ensures easy gliding
  • 180ml water tank is present
  • The easy operative knob is present
  • Enabled with a self-cleaning feature

Philips GC1905 has all the smart features to be the best steam iron for clothes. This powerful appliance consumes 1440-Watt power. It has a non-stick soleplate to make the iron move comfortably overall kind of fabric.

Even your school going kid can handle this user-friendly ironing appliance to press their uniform. The most exciting part is that it comes with a steaming feature to give each of your laundry items a crease-free look.

It releases a continuous spray to remove even the toughest wrinkles from your clothes. There is a sizeable emptying hole in the 180ml water tank to make the appliance easier.

The anti-calc function of Philips steam iron can automatically clean itself with a self-cleaning option. Moreover, the manufacturers provide a 2-years warranty on the product.

  • Quite decent for regular use
  • Comes with instruction leaflet
  • Effective ironing and steaming
  • Solid built
  • Steam controlling knob seems loose; though it works well
  • Little bulky

2.Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron


  • Comes with the non-stick coated soleplate
  • 150ml water tank storage
  • Enabled with a self-cleaning feature
  • 1.8meter cord length
  • 2-years warranty on the product

Bajaj is one of the most leading brands to produce various electronics home appliances for ages. It delivers several feature-savvy products on a pocket-friendly budget.

Consuming 1250-Watt power it releases 12gms of continuous steam to enhance your ironing task more comfortably. Designed with a non-stick coated soleplate to make it glide smoothly over the fabric cloth.

There are 23 steam vents present in the ironing soleplate to deliver both steam and heat in an evenly way. You can quickly fill and empty the 150ml water tank. Even the self-cleaning feature makes it possibly the best steam iron in India and increases the durability of the product.

The 360-degree swivel cord ensures to move the device comfortably in every direction. Featured with vertical ironing, it helps you to iron your hanging curtains and heavy clothes.

  • Lightweight and smaller in size
  • Quick heating
  • Nicely clear all the hard wrinkles
  • Fast delivery
  • Sometimes water leaks from the bottom
  • With time, the base may become rough

3.Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Best Steam Iron In India


  • Comes with 350ml water tank
  • Featured with steaming controlling knob
  • Enabled with vertical ironing feature
  • The anti-calc function ensures auto cleaning
  • Designed with a 360-degree swivel cord

If you plan to buy the best steam iron in India, you cannot ignore this renowned brand, Morphy Richards. It is a compelling, premium quality ironing device that consumes 2000-Watt power.

Having this powerful wattage it can de-wrinkle your clothes with just one glide. You will find 46-steaming holes present in the device to deliver both heat and steam in a precise manner to make your clothes smoother and softer very fast.

With these 46 holes, it releases 11gms of continuous steam. Morphy Richards Super Glide iron comes with diamond and ceramic coated soleplate to enhance the product’s longevity.

Most importantly, it has a Turbo feature that allows to release up to 150gm steam at a time. It helps to remove even the toughest wrinkles and creases to make it smoother. The safe-cleaning feature removes both the safety and efficiency of the product.

  • Ceramic soleplates ensure butter-like movement
  • Heats fast
  • Covers plenty of grounds with a single swipe
  • Responsive thermostat control
  • Non-responsive customer care
  • Minimal cord length

4.INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium-2000W Continuous Steam


  • Enabled with quick steaming technology
  • Titanium coated soleplate is present
  • The anti-calc feature ensures self-cleaning
  • The indicator light is present
  • Featured with vertical ironing

INALSA Steam ironing device comes with such an advance and easy operative feature to make the tedious ironing task faster. The iron itself is a renowned company to manufacture several homes and kitchen appliances in the last 50-years.

Titanium coating soleplate is present in the iron to make it move smoothly on any surface. Twelve steaming homes at the top and 16 holes in the sides help release the full steam than any other competitors.

The 2000-Watt power consumption helps this ironing device gets heated very fast. The self-cleaning function flushes out all the particles from the iron automatically to increase the product’s durability.

It has a 1.75m cable cord to make you allow to vertical ironing your curtains, bedding, and even the hanging garments. This best steam iron box in India comes with a 300ml water tank to allow you to press a pile of laundry.

  • Large soleplate
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fast heating
  • Lightweight
  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • The packaging is not nice

5.Philips GC1920/28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

  • Featured with spray option
  • The indicator light is present
  • Designed with a temperature dial
  • Black American Heritage coated soleplate
  • 180ml water tank

Philips GC1920/28 1440-Watt steam iron comes with all the advanced features to work efficiently. It has golden colored non-stick soleplate with a black American Heritage coating.

This type of soleplate not only makes this device look elegant but also make it glide smoothly over all kinds of fabrics. It comes with an additive spray feature that you can use to remove the tough stains.

It can release 17gm spray continuously to wipe off even the severe wrinkles and creases. This steam iron has a 180ml water tank that you can fill and empty very quickly. The manufacturers provide a 2-years warranty on the product.

The only negative aspect of this product is it does not come with a neat calc feature. Therefore, you should avoid hard water to fill the water tank. There is a temperature dial present in this device to set the temperature as per the fabric type.


  • Long durability
  • Sturdy thermostat
  • Wrinkle-free ironing
  • Well-built
  • Short length wire
  • Customer service is not satisfactory

6.Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron


  • Enabled with anti-drip feature
  • The ceramic coated soleplate is present
  • Comes with 380ml water storage tank
  • Featured with spray function
  • Anti-calc and self-cleaning enabled

Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN comes last in my list of the best steam iron box. This steam iron looks elegant and has advanced features to make it durable. The best part of this iron is it is cordless.

Therefore, you can press your garments without plugging it. It is a mighty steam iron and consumes 2200-Watt power. This high wattage iron gets heated very fast.

There is a ceramic coating soleplate to ensure smooth ironing. It withstands any friction against the garments. It comes with a 350ml water tank to make you allow to press a pile of clothes at one go.

Anti-calc and self-cleaning features make the appliance durable and smart. Moreover, this ironing device comes with a 2-years warranty on the product. Therefore, you can consider it as the best steam iron for clothes with having temperature controlling feature as per your clothing.

  • Good steam output
  • Fast heating
  • Smooth soleplate ensures smooth ironing
  • No water leakage
  • All the steam holes are not functional; a few are dummy
  • It takes a bit of effort to empty the water tank


Here ends the list of my best steam iron. Please go through the above list to know the detailed features of the products. Each of them has all the latest features to make your clothes neatly pressed. I am sure this list will help you to make a smart decision. And please share your own experience in the comments section below.

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