10 Best Pedestal fans In India 2024-Detailed Explained Lis

Best Pedestal Fans In India

Best pedestal fans -Whatever be the advancement in the world in terms of technology, the need for fans can hardly be eliminated in a place like India. This is because of the weather in the country. Here, we even need fans during the winter season because of continuous weather fluctuations.

Fans are thus always the lifesaver for the Indian people. Irrespective of having Air Conditioner, Cooler, or any such superior items on the premises, there is handly any space available that doesn’t have a fan in it.

Top 10 Best Pedestal fans In India

When it comes to pedestal fans, it is even more demanding. This is because they can be conveniently shifted from one place to another. That is the reason, today, there are many pedestal fans are emerging with upgraded features and high specifications.

1.Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

USHA is a renowned brand in India for providing a durable and high-tech household or electronic items. It guarantees optimum comfort while using its devices.

A wide range of its products is reviewed with long-lasting functions and low-maintenance work. The pedestal fans from USHA is not an exception.

The high-speed, super-efficient features of this USHA Maxx 400 pedestal fan make it one of the best pedestal fans in India. It has a resettable fuse that auto protects the motor in case of overload. It comes within under Rs.2500 to make it perfectly affordable for anyone.

  • Long-lasting and high performance.
  • 100% copper motor.
  • Truly profitable with 55W electricity consumption.
  • 67 cubic meter per minute of air delivery.
  • 1280RPM speed.
  • To assemble parts, you need to follow the instruction book carefully.

2.AmazonBasics – High-Speed Pedestal Fan for Cooling with Automatic Oscillation

Best Pedestal Fans In India

Amazon has won the hearts of every Indian with its latest specifications and revolutionary designs. All the products manufactured solely by Amazon are considered as long-lasting and low-maintenance effects.

This Pedestal fan launched by Amazon is ensured with high-speed cooling with perfectly automatic oscillation.

There are a number of new features included in this fan. No matter whether you are in a small or wide room, you will get effective cooling and 3-speed control options with aerodynamically designed blades for superior cooling even at the nook and corners of the room.

This a total sweep of 400mm length. It is very easy and convenient to operate with 3 distinct angles like a vertical, single hand, and horizontal. In short, it is perfectly a budget-friendly and well-designed pedestal fan for any Indian household.

  • High-speed and well-designed.
  • Cools wide areas.
  • 3 aerodynamically designed blades for superior cooling.
  • Oscillation function of 78 degrees.
  • Jerk-free and smooth.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • Only Amazon service providers can do servicing.

3.i-BELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf,406 mm, High Speed with Timer Switch

Best Pedestal Fans In India

I-Bell is one of the trustable brands in India that gained popularity in a shorter period. This is because of its amazing designs and durable quality. For people who want a low-budget yet well-featured pedestal fan, then going from this Chrome 10 by I-Bell can be a great option.

The fan has 5 leaves with 55W motor power. It has a high-speed feature that can cool down even the wider rooms very quickly. It is a power-coated fan with metallic grills.

The best part about this fan is its looks. the amazing looks of the fan make it captivating to the eyes. It comes with a 1+1 year of the warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Power_coated metallic grills.
  • Strong body for longer durability.
  • 5 leaf with 55W power consumption.
  • High air throw.
  • Quite heavy to move easily.
  • Addition 1 year is given with registration only.

4.Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan

USHA which is quite a recognized brand in India because of its durability of products and high-quality specification has again come with a pedestal fan range that is above all the expectations of the people.

The high performance and amazing design with blue blades in the white outer body have made the Maxx pedestal fan one of the most preferred fans in India.

This fan comes with a 100% copper motor which is designed in Indian standard conditions, consumes only 55W electricity. It has a uniform and jerk-free oscillation. It can be conveniently fitted anywhere.

  • High-performance.
  • Uniform and Jerk Free Oscillation.
  • Consumes only 55W Electricity power.
  • 100% copper motor that makes it durable.
  • Highly efficient air delivery with 1280 RPM and 67 cubic meters per minute.
  • 2 Years warranty.
  • A bit costly.

5.Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan

Best Pedestal Fans In India

Havells comes with the tagline “committed to save energy”. Fulfilling this assurance perfectly, it designs all its electrical appliances that can save energy as much as possible.

This Havells Swing 400mm pedestal fan comes in the same way. With the elegant design, 2-hour time setting, superior voltage performance, this fan has replaced many other brands in India.

It has superior delivery with 72CMM along with 1350RPM speed. It only consumes 5watts of electricity. This can perfectly be considered as one of the best pedestal fans in India.

  • Amazing designs.
  • superior low voltage performance.
  • Jerk-free oscillation.
  • Smooth running.
  • 2-hours timer setting.
  • 1350 RPM for better air delivery.
  • People reviewed that it often becomes noisy after a period.

6.V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote

If you want to get a comfortable operationality of remote access, then you can go for this pedestal fan. With amazing designs and efficient features, it is perfectly considered as the  Best Pedestal Fan With Remote. It has an in-built thermal overload protector that keeps the motor safe. You can have 3 distinct speed selector and set it according to your requirement.

  • Elegant design
  • 400 mm sweep control.
  • Remote access.
  • 1350 RPM air delivery.
  • Inbuilt thermal overload.
  • 3-speed selector.
  • Quite costly.

7.V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer; 2100 RPM

V-guard, one of the renowned brands that provide all the essential qualities every Indian household wants from any household electronic items.

This V-guard Gatimaan High-speed pedestal fan comes with a 400mm sweep control feature along with 2100RPM speed that keeps its air quality superior and cooling.

It has an in-built 60-minute timer set feature that helps us to automatically set the speed based on the surrounding weather.

  • 400MM sweep.
  • Battery stability with an 18-inch base.
  • Silicon steel lamnation.
  • Optimum power consumption.
  • Built-in 60-min auto timer.
  • 2100 RPM
  • Looks are quite traditional.

8.Crompton Plastic Hiflo 400 Mm Pedestal Fan Lg

Crompton has come up with its Plastic Hiflo pedestal fan with superior air quality and high-tech features and become popular in quite a shorter period because of its truly demanding qualities.

This is comes with a plastic body and base with plastic blades that give it modern look. It has a minimum air delivery of 70cubic meters per minute. Originated in India, this classic pedestal fan comes with 2 years warranty and 50watts of energy efficiency.

This is in true sense a total worthy fan everyone wants to make his/her own.

  • Modern looks with a plastic body, base, and blades.
  • 70cu.mtr/min air delivery.
  • 400mm sweep.
  • 1300RPM speed.
  • 50 watts power consumption.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Reported with noise problems.

9.Usha Helix Pro High-Speed 400MM Pedestal Fans (40), Blue

If you want to have a fan that can give you extraordinary cooling along with absolute affordability then you can go for this USHA Helix Pro high-speed pedestal fan.

It comes with 2300RPM ultra-high-speed air delivery. With a 100% copper motor, it ensures longer durability and superior functioning. Its modern, and sleek body give it a modern look.

It cools down even a wide area very quickly. All these features make it the Best High-Speed Pedestal Fan in India.

  • 2300RPM High Speed air delivery.
  • 100% copper motor for longer durability.
  • Aerodynamically balanced ABS blade.
  • Uniform and jerk-free oscillation.
  • Modern look.
  • Servicing is quite hassle-sum

10.Havells Sprint LED 400mm Pedestal Fans

Havells is a renowned brand known for its great specifications and high-quality specifications. All its electronic appliances are designed to save the electricity and thereby keeps the households least bothered for the excessive bills.

This sprint LED 400mm Pedestal fan by Havells comes with superior low voltage performance to save the electricity. Its strong motor ensures a better air quality.

It provides 1360RPM smooth oscillates air. Its 72m³ per minute makes the surroundings cool in a shorter period. With all these qualities, this Havells pedestal fan occupies our 10th Best Pedestal Fan In India Review list.

  • Strong motor.
  • Low voltage performance.
  • Heavy base stability.
  • 55 watts power consumption.
  • 1360 RPM ARMAND 73m³/min air delivery makes a room cooler quickly.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Look is outdated.


Pedestal fans are often used by households for their residential premises in India. It is usually used in addition to other air cooling appliances in the property.

India is a place where the weather is very much unstable. It’s so much unpredictable that people need to be prepared for any sudden occurrence always. Pedestal fans are one such life-saving element that gives ease and convenience of combating hot weather conditions outside.

In fact, many commercial places or educational institutions also use these fans quite a great extent. In India, pedestal fans are also famous to be used in wedding events or other types of events.

That is why, this list of 10 Best Pedestal Fan For Bedroom, hall room, office or any other spaces will perfectly match your needs and requirements without letting you compromise with your budget. Take a look before getting one for your purpose!

FAQPedestal Fans

How do I choose a pedestal fan?

If you want to choose a pedestal fan never forget to check whether upgraded features, warranty, and thereby justify the price accordingly. Moreover, you always need to ensure that whether you can get the service for the item easily or you need to face hassles if any defect occurs in it.

Are tower or pedestal fans better?

Pedestal fans are better as they can be easily moved from one space to another. Moreover, pedestal fans are lighter than the tower fans and hence, you don’t need to additionally careful to handle them. The tower fans often come costlier and also the durability is lesser than the pedestal one. Hence, it is better to buy pedestal fans rather than tower fans.

Do pedestal fans use much electricity?

As compared to other electrical appliances like air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, etc. pedestal fans use much lesser electricity. You don’t need to bother with excessive electricity bills while using pedestal fans for cooling.

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