10 Best Wall Clock Brands in India 2024

Best Wall Clock Brands India-Whether it is a home, office, or educational institution, wall clocks are an essential attachment. Earlier, it was just the functionality that decided the selling point of the wall clocks.

With time, the fascination and design of the wall clocks have changed a lot. Therefore, nowadays, wall clocks are a part of the tradition and an architectural décor.

Even most of the best wall watch brands have designed their several models as an antique style to make your living room more impressive. As we all know, there are never-ending lists of wall clock brands available in India.

Available Best Brands for Wall Clock

Best Wall Clock Brands In India

You may feel a bit confused about picking a perfect one. Therefore, I have curated some of the best wall clock brands in this article. Please dive into the paper to select a brand to grace your living room wall.


Ajanta India is one of the best brands for wall clock with ISO-9001-2000 certified. It is the company to manufacture 13-types of analog wall clocks. Ajanta clocks mainly come in a sleek and straightforward design.

The manufacturers mainly use high-quality plastic to ensure the durability of the clocks. The primary aim of this brand is to focus more on functionality than design.

Most of the clocks from this evergreen brand have a bold and classy look to enhance your wall décor. Ajanta is a top-rated brand to manufacture all kinds of wall clocks, including digital, analog, and mechanical ones.

Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock 


Titan is a leading brand to manufacture several wall clocks for ages. You do not need to compromise both the functionality and performance of the wall clock.

Besides, the wall clocks from Titan come in a stylish and elegant design to enhance the beauty of your living room. The company mostly uses premium quality metal to increase durability.

Titan is one of the best brands for a wall clock that has sweep technology in most models to minimize the noise due to the motion of the slim hand. You will not regret it even if you choose Titan for your bedroom.


The list of the best market-leading wall clock brands will remain incomplete without Casio. The wall clocks from Casio can undoubtedly be a lovely addition to match your interior.

Casio is the best wall watch brand that comes with efficient functionality. Moreover, these wall clocks come in a simple yet eye-catchy design to enhance the wall’s beauty.

You can get Casio wall clocks mostly in round shapes with variant designs. These efficient and straightforward Casio wall clocks are suitable for both in the offices and familiar passages.

Besides, Casio has an excellent battery backup along with a manufacturing warranty to please the customers.

Casio Analog Wall Clock

4.Seiko Vintage

Seiko wall clocks will be an ideal choice for those in love with Vintage things. You will get all the Seiko wall clocks in a beautiful and classy design to soothe your eye.

Seiko is the best digital wall clock brand in India that comes with numerous options and impressive functionality. The manufacturers use both plastic and wood to make the case of these wall clocks.

Seiko Vintage wall clocks are available in several colors to match with your wall color. It provides a set of battery and mounting screws to make the watches easily fit in the walls.

Seiko Wall Clock


RoyalsCart wall clocks have come with a combination of excellent performance and beautiful design. The time showing devices from RoyalsCart will enhance the beauty of your living room.

Most of the wall clocks from RoyalsCart has come with an attractive design. Even, they come in a perfect size to be ideally fit with both of your living room and bedroom.

The company uses high-quality wood or plastic to build the case of the clocks. Moreover, these clocks require very minimal maintenance. Therefore, it is the best wall watch company to gift your dear ones to make their moments memorable.


Opal is a company from Pune, Maharashtra, to manufacture numerous wall clocks to suit your purposes. Most of the wall clocks from Opal come in a stunning design to enhance the room’s beauty.

Opal is the best wall clock brands to produce various masterpieces. Moreover, you do not need to compromise with the quality and functionality of these wall clocks.

The company uses high-quality plastic material to manufacture this time devices. Most of the wall clocks come in a round shape to get a stylish look. These masterpieces from Opal comes in various colour to match with your room wall.


Random comes last in the list of the best wall clock brands available in India. Most of the clocks come in such a beautiful design that they play a crucial role in enhancing your room’s beauty.

They come in a perfect style and size to comfortably fit both in the offices and homes. The manufacturers use premium quality plastic to make the wall clocks sturdy and long-lasting.

They are lightweight and comes with all the necessary mounting screws to fit correctly in the walls. Moreover, the AA batteries’ peaceful lifespan

Random Colors Round Plastic Wall Clock 

Final words

In modern times, a wall clock plays a crucial part in enhancing the décor of both your home and office. These are the best wall clock brands available in India to make the wall of your home well-decorated.

Each one of them has come with a beautiful combination of functionality and design. Choose any of the above brands to tick your time.

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